Wedding | Happiest Day of our lives

Our wedding day – September 30th 2017


October of 2014, Will and I met through my brother in law, but our story goes way back when. Winter of 2006, as I recall, I was sitting at a salon waiting on a guy that I used to date. The salon is called Clippers. He likes this salon, because there are a bunch of gay hairdressers and they are really good when it comes to cutting and styling your hair. I noticed this cute hairdresser located at the very back of the salon. He looks so adorable in his red shirt and his stylist pair of tennis shoes (Z-Coil). Of course, I immediately thought that he might be gay too! What a waste! No offense, I love my gay friends, but I can’t date them! Plus, I was in a relationship then, so I can’t do anything but stare away from this cute hairdresser.

Eight years later, my brother in law, who has been trying to find me a date, started going to Clippers. He told me that there is this decent guy who wants to meet me. He said, that he is his barber. He has been talking to him and he thinks that he is a very nice guy who loves to fish and loves outdoor activities. Little did I know, that this is the same guy, who I saw 8 years ago. The same cute guy, who I thought was gay!!!

Our love story began with a phone call. October 12, 2014, when Will called me for the very first time and the rest was history!

Engagement ring
I said, Yes!

This video was made by

I didn’t want to spend too much on our wedding video. I learned about weddingmix through The Knot and started to research more about it. They have a lot of good reviews and testimonials. They have different types and styles of videos to chose from. So why not try it. My video didn’t turn out quite as good as I wanted to, because I didn’t really have an assigned person to take the specific shot at my wedding. That is the only down fall. If you didn’t have an assigned person, friends or families to take videos, you will not have a lot or right videos from your wedding. It may get to busy and none of them will think about recording any videos…But overall, weddingmix still did a great job making one for me.

Our wedding cake
Our 3 layers of delicious flavor wedding cake by Gourmet Goodies

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