Our Lake House | Thankful for the blessings!

It was late October of 2017, when we finally decided to buy a house locally.  For a while, we were for sure that we are building in Punta Gorda.  We owned a lot on the canal and dream of having a vacation home there. My husband bought the back in 2016, to use for investment or build someday.  We love to fish and the lot is very much affordable compare to other places located on the water.

Backyard canal
Our backyard canal in Punta Gorda

We both dream that we will build a house there and that we will be able to enjoy it every weekend. We planned going there at least every weekend to fish and to a have a mini vacation. Before he bought it, we would go and stay at my sister’s place there. We will go out on a boat, troll PG canals, PG sandbar near Burnt Store. There we will catch a few different kinds of fish. Fish like Cobia, Sheepshead, Pompano, Redfish, and Spanish Mackerel.

Changed of plans. We decided to buy a house on the lake locally. We made our decision based on our hobbies, and priorities. We feel that it’s better to have a lake house now and enjoy it each day while we can. My sister and brother in law have a house on the lake and we always enjoy hanging out in their back patio.

Bro in Law and sister’s backyard!

We started looking, but most houses on the lake are either expensive, and they are out of our price range. It is hard to find the perfect home! I used most of the real estate site and apps. Downloaded zillow.com, realtor.com, and redfin.com on my phone. But one perfect weekend, I was on zillow and found this one house for sale on the lake. It is beautiful on the picture! I was a little hesitant to tell my husband, because I didn’t see this listing before. I have been to all of the real estate apps and this house didn’t show up under their listings. So I finally told him after searching it online and on the property appraiser. I wanted to make sure that it is really listed for sale before I tell him. It turned out the listed owner on the appraiser was his high school coach! What a small world!

It is listed By Owners, and it’s on our price range, so we contacted the seller and set up an appointment. The house was built in 1942, with new roofing, new A/C and heat, brand new windows, new kitchen cabinets and the appliances came with it! We are a little skeptical at first, because of the age of the house. But we still went and checked it out. My husband came there before me, and as I parked my car in the car port, I can see him peeking through the window with a big smile on his face. He has this look on his face saying that, he really like this house and that, he wanted to buy it. The seller and my husband met me at the door and as I walked in, I fell in love with the flooring right away! Yes they are the original wood floors from 1942!

The windows are to die for! The seller was showing us the windows in the living room and in the sunroom, and OMG! They are new double pane windows, they slide up or down, and I love them! I think he sold us the house just by showing those windows. But I didn’t want him to know that I really like the house. I tried not to act like a crazy person admiring the windows! LOL! I’m sure that my husband feels the same way. He kept on pulling my hand to show me each room and how cool all the cabinets are. I wanted to make an offer right away, but I have to keep my cool. My husband and I have to talk about it tonight before making any decisions. One thing to consider about buying a house is that you have to know if you both like it. Talk about it overnight, and make sure that you can afford it.

Below is a link of steps before buying a house. (I found this link online, I hope it will help!) https://www.discover.com/home-loans/articles/10-steps-to-buying-a-home

We are definitely going to repaint most of the inside wall of the house! LOL! Oh boy!

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