Help! What color should I paint my bathroom walls???


Just to give you an idea, I posted a photo of our almost done bathroom. The accent wall in the shower is where we wanted to match the color of our bathroom walls. The tile color has blue, gray, and white. I am debating whether to paint it with a light gray or a light blue. Please give me some ideas of what color to pick, and how to decorate our bathroom. Below is a photo of the vanity that we are installing in the bathroom, another photo of the accent tiles, and the floor tiles. Our floor tile colors are white and gray.

Please comment below and write your ideas. I would love to have options and advise. Thanks!!!

Light blue paint

We went with the light blue paint…my husband likes the light blue. ‘We can get a brush nickel towel holder, stainless steel trashcan, brush nickel soap dispenser, white and gray towels…’,he said. I guess he made sense. His designer talent is coming out. Then, I can just add a little nautical decorations, when everything is done!

Now mirrors! We need 1 or 2? We want something simple, but at the time unique and affordable. Good luck! Where can we find those mirrors? Any idea???

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