Want a classy looking closet? Found ours, and they are inexpensive

My husband and I are frugal when it comes to spending. Now that we have a new home, we’ve been spending like crazy!!! However, we are still on a budget. We’ve looked and looked at places to find a nice wardrobe. The house that we bought is built in 1942 and there is no Mr and Mrs closet. Of course, we have to figure something out.

When we start planning for the bathroom renovation, we thought of having a Mr and Mrs closet built as well. Until we found the Ikea Pax collection.

We chose an expresso brown color to match our bedroom.

Believe it or not, we only paid less than a thousand dollars for the whole system. You can choose your own combination. And “this wardrobe combination is just as good looking on the outside as it is clever on the inside. Built to last years of outfits.“.

To make it sturdier, my husband installed an ‘L’ shape bracket to hold and keep the wardrobe from tipping over. I don’t think that it will happen, but just in case.

Oh, by the way…make sure to put the back cover on the right way…if you you noticed, we didn’t. Lol!!! It looks ok after you hang all the clothes in. It’s unnoticeable.

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