Inner health|Inner healing. What kind of food do we eat? Does inner cleansing cures?

My husband and I have started to look and read all the ingredients of every food we pick out at the grocery stores.  We started to, “eat right to feel right”…We started researching about food that will keep us healthy, young, eliminate aches and pain, etc… Let’s face it!  We are not getting any younger!

On this blog, we will let you in on food, vitamins and supplements that my husband and I are going to take, use or buy.  We will be the ‘guinea pigs’, since we wanted to be healthy, we will try to keep track on the amount of food we eat, what kind of fruit, home remedies and homeopathic cures that will help us stay healthy.

Let’s start with Arthritis, my husband and I are both having some arthritic pain…Did you know that most of the beans that are under the Legumes family causes arthritic pain?  Did you know that soy could cause arthritic pain???  We didn’t know that until my husband and I started researching about soy or soybean…So we have been trying to eliminate soy in our diet.  It has been a nightmare, because most of the food we eat and we want to eat has some type of soy ingredients in it!!!

We try to find some type of solution.  There’s gotta be a way to fight this ‘pain-in-the neck’ literally it is!  We dig a little dipper and find out that B Vitamins or B Complex offer all the pain relief for Arthritis.  Not the prescription drugs that our doctors prescribed.  The best thing about taking this supplements is there are no side effects!

‘Dr. Margaret Flynn, a certified medical nutritionist in the department of family and community medicine at the University of Missouri in Columbia, quote, ‘that taking a daily supplement of folic acid and cobalamin (two common B vitamins) can relieve the pain and tenderness of osteoarthritis.’  B vitamins worked better than drugs!!!

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