Home decoration | Dining room… simple and inexpensive

When decorating our home we usually pick the best and the most unique items on the rack. Shopping for your home is so much fun when you have the mulas. Especially, when you just got a new house and you wanted to start decorating it as soon and as much as you can. But what if you are running out of budget???

Finding ways and great ideas on a budget doesn’t come so easy when decorating your home. We usually look at ideas on magazines, Pinterest, YouTube, IKEA catalog, etc…

I admit, I used Pinterest and YouTube! Those apps show great ideas, nice pictures, videos and a step by step instructions too. You just have to pick one and make it your own style and tastes.

Here are the lists of items; I got my dining room decor from different locations.

– industrial clock at Walmart for $27.99

– Eat metallic sign at a bargain store named Ollie’s for $9.99

– wood shelf at my Attic…looks like some leftover from the previous owner. LOL! Stained with dark walnut finish bought from Lowe’s for $3.99

– the L brackets from Lowe’s for .93 cents

– white vase silk plant at Burlington coat factory for $5.99.

Have fun with it and enjoy decorating!!!

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