Home Sweet Home | 5 DIY design ideas

When coming home from work and you see this sunset each day…all you want to do is seat in the sun room all night long. It’s very relaxing! This view is captured from a kayak in the middle of the lake. It’s breath taking!

DIY interior decorating. Before you go shopping for your home follow these 5 simple steps:

We finally furnished our dining room!

1. First thing is to set a budget. Make sure you have a set amount of spending. Do not go over your budget! Decorating all of the rooms of your house is not necessary. We found our dining table from Ashley’s furniture and the chairs, rug and windows treatment came from overstock.com.

Have your own delight each day!

2. Find your style. When shopping for furnitures you wanted to know what kind of style you like the most. Southern, rustic, modern, industrial…etc. Thank god that me husband and I have the same tastes in styles! It is hard when you and your spouse, boyfriend or girlfried, or partner have a totally different ideas.

3. Room measurements. Don’t just buy your furnitures! Measure them! Make sure you know your room measurements. I remembered, when we were shopping for sectionals, we were so excited to buy one at rooms to go. We almost bought it! Thankfully a light bulb switched turned on and we thought about measuring this humongous sectionals first. Guess what? They were too big!

Sectionals at Rooms to Go

4. Visualize. After knowing your styles room measurements, make sure that you have a vision; think and know now the color, decor, and the space.

5. Surf the net. Look for ideas! Use Pinterest, YouTube, and Google. Utilize all of our social medias. They are free, find your liking and make it your own.

I have always wanted to have my coffee and wine/bar station. I found some ideas on Pinterest. I love coffee! So I made my own coffee bar. Now, I get to enjoy making my coffee, especially when all of the ingredients are right in front of you…plus more!

I made sure that my guests who love coffee will enjoy it too!

In addition, I am an occasional wine drinker, so I went ahead and set up my wine/bar station for me and my guests.

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