Tarpon Springs, FL| Tastes of Greece

If you are looking for a long weekend get away, Tarpon Springs is one of the places in Florida that you must visit.

My husband and I found this little gem one weekend looking for a place to fish. Google map as my resources to find a fishing spot. I found this place on the canal using VRBO as my search engine for homes away from home. It’s just for a long weekend get away. I took Monday and Tuesday off to have a four day weekend of fun fishing.

Tarpon Spring is Greece in Florida! Of course, not exactly like Greece, but the food, the pastries, the atmosphere…authentic Greek restaurant on every corner. You will find a variety of restaurants to choose from. Below are my top 5 best restaurant in Tarpon springs:

  1. Rusty Bellies Waterfont Grill – is named for our family’s love of fishing, namely gulf grouper fishing. A “Rusty Bellie” is the nickname given to the large male gag grouper. A “Rusty Bellie” generally ranges between twenty and sixty pounds, and is typically caught by the true at heart fisherpersons.
  2. Hellas Bakery and restaurant – located in Tarpon Springs, Florida, is a distributor of fine Greek pastries and specialty desserts. Hellas Wholesale Greek Bakery can supply your Greek Festival with many of the most popular Greek pastries including: Baklava, Spanakopita, Tiropita, Diples, Flogeres, Melomakarona, Kourabiedes, Katiffi, Koulouri, Tsoureki and much more. All of our pastries are baked fresh daily from only the finest ingredients. Our pastries are delivered either fresh or frozen, cooked or
  3. Mr. Souvlaki Greek Restaurant – The Home of the Famous Greek Chow Mein! A Tarpon Springs Greek institution for over 30 years.Mr Souvlaki is known for high quality Greek Cuisine and is unmatched in authenticity and service. We invite you to come visit and try our taste of Greece next time you visit Tarpon Springs. We are located just one block from the Historic Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks.We stayed at a small home called “The cottage”
  4. Dimitri’s on the water – Find out all about how Dimitri’s on the Water Greek Restaurant Tarpon Springs was founded. The son of Greek immigrants and “born in a bath tub” in Euclid, OH, Demetrios Salivaras, entered life in the Greek culture of restaurants, food and service. The oldest child of Andreas Salivaras and his wife, Renee, Demetrios, has always been involved in the restaurant business, even admitting to dressing in a mini-server uniform while following his father around restaurants as soon as he could walk.
  5. Miss Vicki’s on the River – Miss Vicki’s on the River is a bar and grill located waterside where the Anclote River meets the Gulf of Mexico. While enjoying the lovely Florida coast, you and your friends and family can also enjoy our delicious food and beverages, live music from our stage, and top notch service from not only our finest wait staff, but from Miss Vicki herself!

Fishing is another fun thing to do at Tarpon Springs, FL. If you’d like to fish, there you will find varieties of fish; snook, sheephead, flounder, cobia, snapper and more.

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