Style of Living

“You won’t have to depend on medicines so much if you learn some new habits and discard a couple of old ones.  Such as?  Exercise and use of relaxation techniques; get rid of bad vices like alcohol and cigarettes.”

Exercise – Do a Little Each Day
First of all, exercise does two very essential things for the body.  It burns up energy, and it builds muscles.  If we did not burn up energy, all the food we eat would automatically turn to fat.  Therefore, fat makes us gain weight, and then makes us feel bad.

Feeling Well and Looking Good
As a secondary benefit, a feeling of well-being also can aid in keeping food intake down.  It is far easier to watch calories when you are feeling good about yourself that when you are not.  Whatever your reason for exercising, doing it is what counts.

Relaxation Techniques
There are many other ways to program rest periods into your life.  Using a rocking chair for a ten-minute period each day will help give you the kind of relaxation you need.  Hobbies, offer a wonderful approach to relaxation.  Many people find painting or drawing or playing musical instrument excellent ways to unwind.  These artistic endeavors need have no other goal than simple enjoyment.

How Alcohol Accelerates Blood Pressure
The relationship between hypertension and excessive alcohol consumption has been recognized for the past seventy years.  This connection is independent of any other factors, such as socioeconomic status, age, race, weight, or tobacco use.  If you drink excessively, your blood pressure will go up.  It is that simple.


Smoke Gets in Your Blood
There is every reason to believe that smoking, which is really nothing less than taking a toxic substance into the body, has an ill effect on both blood pressure and the heart.  Smoking can produce a significant rise in the pulse rate as well as in the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.  According to Dr. Philip E. Cryer of the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.  He reported that within 2.5 minutes after a rate; systolic pressure increased by a total of about 12 points, as did diastolic pressure.  

These finding clearly indicate that anyone with high blood pressure–and anyone who wishes to avoid having it—should stop smoking.  It is that simple.


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