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It’s time to think about your health. If you are one of the unlucky thousands whose blood pressure soars way past the normal range, you may be able to lower it easily by losing a few pounds, saying no to salty food and alcohol. Exercise might be another way to help lower your blood pressure. But if that doesn’t work, you could be faced with taking powerful drugs, which are often loaded with unpleasant side effects.

My husband and I are both with some Asian blood or born with some type of Asian decent, we believe in natural alternative. Before turning to a prescription solution, we research and look for food supplements, vitamin or minerals alternative. Evidence is mounting that Magnesium can lower blood pressure. However, always talk to your doctor about the possibility of going natural.


Magnesium and your blood pressure

Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough magnesium from their diets tend to have higher blood pressure than folks who eat magnesium-rich-foods. In one of the studies with the group of women with hypertension, half the women received a dose of magnesium equal to about twice what most of us get in our meals; the other half received an inactive pill known as placebo. The studies show that the blood pressure of the women taking the magnesium supplements dropped by about three points.

Just how does magnesium work? Is it really a blood-pressure-reducing magic? If you are willing to find ask your doctor about it. Eat magnesium-rich food and see if it works.

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