Our Last Night on the cruise | Allure of the Seas

Two of our awesome servers

Our last day was pretty relaxing. We enjoyed lounging around deck 5, listening to the waves and birds chirping(there are no birds) while we sit on the wooden chairs, we also walked 5 times around the track. We went window shopping, walked around the ship to see if there’s anything we are missing. We wanted to make sure we know all the spots the next time we go on this ship again.

My husband and I always book our cruise with Carnival because of their low prices most of the time we don’t even look at other cruise line. I just happened to stumble upon the buy one get one half off with Royal Caribbean. So we decided to go ahead and book a 7 days cruise to celebrate our second wedding anniversary/fifth year together. It’s always good to try other cruise line.


Our first day was a little chaotic, they had some type of emergency inspection, I completely forgot what it is. The ship was so crowded, everyone was on deck 11 (Windjammer), line was up to the wazoo. But the crew members kept the line organize and the buffet line didn’t take forever to wait on. Everyone seem to be getting their food fast enough that you didn’t have to feel crammed in one place. But after day one, the people found their spots, not as crowded, and the crew members did a good job cleaning and keeping the ship organize.

Our overall experience was wonderful, the service was awesome and the food were delicious!!! We are definitely going back and book another cruise next year. If you want to know more about Royal Caribbean cruise, check out our Mr. & Mrs. Smith YouTube Channel and please hit the subscribe button while you’re at it.


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