Are you worried about the world’s chaos? Are you concern about your well being and your family’s safety? Have you ever consider talking to God, who’s there anytime you need someone to talk to? He is our omnipotent God and can communicate with us in any way He pleases. We may expect Him to speak audibly or send an angelic messenger, but He won’t be limited to a certain method of communication. Instead, it is our responsibility to learn how to perceive His voice.


When COVID-19 virus began to shut down the world in March of 2020, our daily lives have changed and so we began to feel afraid, to doubt, and worry that things will never go back to normal. The culture we live in is characterized by spiritual darkness. Sadly, even those of us who are believers become so accustomed to the dark that we feel neither shocked nor shamed by much of what goes around us. Perhaps we see the sin but we don’t acknowledge it as wrong, or maybe we just don’t notice it anymore.

While we cannot escape our dark society, God has provided everything

we need to live in the light of our all-sufficient Savior, Jesus Christ.


It seems as if the world today is constantly changing. This might cause us to be filled with anxiety unless we remember that “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1). Disturbing times should remind us we are only pilgrims on this earth. Our citizenship is in a heavenly kingdom that can never be shaken. The commotion of this current world is nothing unprecedented.

While we cannot escape our dark society, God has provided everything we need to live in the light of our all-sufficient Savior, Jesus Christ. When times are frightening and uncertain, whether personally, nationally, or globally, the place to find comfort and assurance is the Bible, especially the book of Psalms. Scripture helps us look at circumstances from God’s perspective. That reassures us of His love and care for us and lifts our eyes to a higher hope than anything this world can offer.


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We all want to find peace, and the first step is to cease striving. If you have become comfortable in the darkness around you, ask the Lord to shed His light on your life to remove fears, and doubt in your mind. Remember that the Lord is always with you, and know that His kingdom is coming.

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